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Quality Control


Our QC department is composed of 16 professional technicians and a big team of numerous inspectors. They test and inspect every production process. By using advanced testing equipment and strictly following inspection procedures and regulated quality standards, we make sure our final products meet our customers’ standards before delivery. With rich experiences of exporting to USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK etc. for years, we built up our own complete quality control system and clear understanding on quality requests from customers all over the world.


For Flashlight, we set up four steps of quality control:

We place great emphasis on refined workmanship, delivering superior quality fabrics and garment. Through training, supervision and management, we have implemented our quality philosophy from the conceptual design at our Design Workshop to production at our China's factory and to the final product delivery.

Quality Policy:

Base on Management – Continuously Running

Focus on Customer --- Keep improving

Quality Objective:

Our in-house QC personnel are well trained to perform stringent inspections on our fabrics and garment.

For garment inspection, we have adopted eight steps




We are committed quality requirements of the highest standard. We do not sacrifice on quality. We make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operation from sampling to final shipment. We take extra efforts in ensuring the suppliers comply with strict quality control. Quality Assurance is an inherent part of our services and we ensure that our customers do not face any problem at any stage.


Inspection Procedure:


Visual Inspection 100%
Measurement Check 2 out of 10 pieces

In case of any variation in the above parameters, the complete bundle is returned to the cutting department for correction/replacement.

Acceptance Standard:

Bundle Size Defects allowed
Up to 5 Pieces 0
6 to 10 pieces 1
11 to 15 pieces 2
16 to 20 pieces 3
More than 20 pieces 4


Where it is possible to change the defective part by replacement, the quality inspector checks the exchanged part for shade variation, and measurement and ensure to put the same number that of the damaged part.


Reporting defects Rate:

Defects rate in cutting= The total defects found / No of bundle checked

Report generated of all procedures and archived

Cutting QA Report – Exhibit 3A



In-line quality audit

The quality inspector conducts in-line quality audit as per the steps mentioned below:


1. Pick up one bundle after any operation at random

2. Check the quality level of that particular operation

3. Repeat this procedure for minimum of 3 times of the same operation within a day


In case some type of rejection is encountered repeatedly, production is held temporarily until corrective action is ensured by line supervisor.


Pilot run

Depending on the size of the order, pilot run is carried out. All the pieces are visually inspected and measurement for any quality defects. The sample sizes for pilots runs are as follows:


Order Quantity Pilot Strike Off
Up to 3000pcs 25pcs
3001 to 6000pcs 40pcs
6001 to 9000pcs 60pcs
9001 to 15000pcs 75pcs
Above 15,000pcs 100pcs

Any major deviation in measurement or style is incorporated in the pattern/sewing line before the bulk production start. Report generated and archived



The pilot quantity of strike off:


Order Quantity Pilot Strike Off
Up to 2000pcs 15pcs
2001 to 5000pcs 25pcs
5001 to 8000pcs 35pcs
8001 to 15000pcs 50pcs
Above 15000pcs 60pcs

The pilot strike off panels/garments are 100% visually inspected and changes are incorporated in the bulk production.


Reports generated and archived

1. Embroidery pilot run quality audit report Exhibit ---5A

2. Daily embroidery quality report Exhibit –5B


4. Printing

Approved Sample

The QA ensures that an approved strike off of the print with the shade card giving the pantone references number. Is available with the Department. Sample of the garment along with the placement details must be available. Before starting bulk production, pilot strike off of using the actual garment /panel is taken and inspected for the following quality.


1. Right shade of colors

2. Positioning of the print

3. Proper registration

4. Print alignment

5. Clarity in the design as per original

6. Properly cured surface

7. Stains

8. Skew ness of print


The pilot quantity of strike off

Order Quantity Pilot Strike Off
Up to 2000pcs 15pcs
2001 to 5000pcs 25pcs
5001 to 8000pcs 35pcs
8001 to 15000pcs 50pcs
Above 15000pcs 60pcs


The pilot strike off panels/garments are 100% visually inspected and changes are incorporated in the bulk production.


Reports generated and archived

1. Print pilot run quality audit report – Exhibit 6A

2. Daily print quality report Exhibit – 6B


5. Finishing and packaging

The purpose of pressing a knit/woven fabric product is to eliminate the wrinkle and yield original feeling. The following points are ensure by the QA inspector while ironing is in process:

1. Knit product must be iron finished at proper temp

2. The system press must have Teflon shoe and must be cleaned periodically

3. Areas such as embroidery, printing, etc. should not be hard ironed.

4. No small wrinkles, defective luster and iron-pressed marks should be observed on the surface

5. The size of the iron finished product must conform to order specification


Packing is an important aspect of a given garment. The following aspects are checked by the inspector:

1. The price ticket, hangtag, bar code stickers.

2. The right size of the poly bag should be used for the garment

3. After is inserted in the poly bag, it should not be sloppy or too tight.

4. The ratio of pre-packs and qualities per carton must be checked randomly.

5. through the poly bag must be visually symmetric

6. All carton markings must conform to the order requirement


Reports generated and archived

1. Ironing QA Report—Exhibit –7A


6. Final Audit

The purpose of the final, audit is to establish the quality level of the final pieces goods before it leaves the factory.


The QA manager has to conduct a final quality audit of the packed goods and this has to done at two stages:

1. Once 50% of the shipment is packed

2. Other when 100% of the shipment is packed


In case there is any quality problem at the above stages, the packed goods have to be screened for the specific quality aspects

Once corrected the above procedure has to be repeated again.

Reports generated and archived

Final quality audit report – Exhibit 8A

World Wide AQL Service

Table A: Sample Size


World Wide AQL Service

Table B: Single Sampling plans for normal inspection level II


Q1:My flashlight isn't as bright as it used to be?
A:Please change the batteries.

Q2:How do I change the batteries in my flashlight?
A:Remove the button end by twisting clockwise. Remove the battery cartridge & replace the batteries. Make sure the negative or flat side of the battery is pressing against the spring. Replace the battery pack, large metal flat end towards the head.

Q3:Is my flashlight waterproof?
A:Yes,it can anti-rain and a short time immersed in water, but do not be used as diving lighting.

Q4:What are the benefits of using the 18650 battery?
A:The theory of 18650 battery life can rechargeable 1000 times.To prevent charging outdated, or too clean electricity lead battery scrap.

Q5:How to judge the brightness of the LED flashlight?
A:The unit of LED flashlight is lumens,the luminous flux(luminous flux) refers to the radiation power that human eyes can feel,it is equal to the product of the raditon energy of a perticular wavelength band in per unit time and the relative Visibility rate of this band.
When we said a flashlight is very bright, we doesn't means the brightness of the flashlight, but means its luminous intensity or means the light of the illuminated object.

Q6:My flashlight won't turn on?
A:Make sure the bottom, body & head are tight. If it still doesn't turn on, replace the batteries making sure the batteries are installed correctly. Check the battery cartridge making sure the large metal flat end is facing the head & the small metal circle end is touching the button.

Q7:How do I change the batteries on my headlamp?
A:Twist the cap OPPOSITE the on/off button. DO NOT TWIST THE ON/OFF BUTTON! The headlamp will break. Remove the battery cartridge & replace the batteries. Make sure the negative or flat side of the battery is pressing against the spring.

Q8:How many times can the battery be recharged?
A:The battery in the led flashlights is the 18650 battery,it can be charged.The batteries can do a minimum of 300 FULL charges if handled correctly, after 300 charges the output will decrease by 20%. Since the batteries and the charging is controlled by our intelligent inbuilt charging circuitry the lifetime is maximized. With a daily use of 2-3 hours the batteries will last for many years.

Q9:Do you ship worldwide?
A:Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q10:What are your shipping charges?
A:The delivery price depends on the goods you order. The total delivery price for your order will be shown in the shopping cart.

Q11:What is the delivery time?
A:Normal delivery time is within 2-3 working days, if not in stock 7-8 days. The expected delivery time will however appear for each item in the shop, and if you order several items together, your order will only be sent once all the items are ready for delivery.

Q12:Can I have my order delivered to a different address?
A:No, for credit card security reasons we can only deliver your order to the address connected with the credit card (the billing address).